Big Oof for Repetition

This article, by Carol Smith from 2014 dives into the benefits of more people adapting to Mediterranean influenced, plant-based diets. Carol explores the health and environmental benefits to more people shifting their current diets. She also elaborated on what is dangerous about their current common lifestyles and diets, and the continuation of these lifestyles could be harmful for people’s health and the environment.

   This article is not only outdated and holds a bias, but it is also extremely repetitive. While reading it, I was able to think about content to use for my paper, but I was also able to think about how I can improve on writing it. This article made me aware of how dangerous repetition can be a paper.

   If it weren’t for the repetition, this article would not have held a noticeable bias. The language and evidence used seemed to be relatively analytical, but the repetition took away from that credibility. I had never thought of repetition being a factor in creating a bias until I read this article.

   Other than the whole repetition thing, this essay did help provide me with ideas and topics to bring up in my paper. Though it may be outdated and not have relevant information to use in the paper itself, it mentioned topics that I would like to explore in my paper. Props to you Carol Smith, you allowed me to see what to and what not to do in my paper!

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